Looking for a gift?

Looking for a gift?

Imagine your boyfriend just had a baby and you literally have no idea what to give him. Gift vouchers are too impersonal and flowers are a cliché.

You want a collection of items that are stylish and practical. You are looking for the perfect gift basket, but quickly reject the idea because the payday is only next month. You finally find something you can afford, but it doesn't have the stylish look you want, and the color scheme makes you shy, sounds familiar?

That was a familiar story for me until I had my own little child and realized that there are nice gift sets that are perfect for new parents. Even without high prices.

So what makes us different at Viollaz Giftbox? We know the different elements that make a perfect gift. First of all, we only use the highest quality products. We research the products that work together and curate our products into beautifully packaged works of art.

We love the little details: hand-tied fastening tapes, personalized gift cards and color-coordinated products, to name just a few. So if you are looking for something for a family member or friend who has just had a baby, or for yourself, Viollaz Giftbox is the perfect place!
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