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Gifts for babyshower / baby shower / baptism

Gifts for babyshower / baby shower / baptism

In the USA, baby showers designated in this way enjoy a great tradition and popularity. And there are also repeated baby showers in Switzerland and other countries. The event usually takes place two months before the expected due date and is intended to ensure that the parents-to-be and the unborn child receive gifts from the visitors.


It doesn't have to be big baby gifts that are expensive that you have to wait for the next month's wages. Rather, it's about tiny attentions that make the baby's start in life easier. 

Baby gifts with or without benefits

 If you look around in other types of online shops, you come across one or the other object that seems useful at first glance. There are, for example, panties that make a noise when the diaper is filled, or rompers with a wiping surface that the baby can use to clean the apartment while crawling.

Even a low quality diaper cake makes little sense. These may all be funny baby shower gifts, but on closer inspection they are relatively pointless. But normal gifts can also be useful for the parents - for example, if every second guest brings a similar product. This includes plastic toys or music boxes, for example. Although they are obvious as gifts for babies, they usually disappear in the closet unused. The same applies to items that are part of the initial equipment, as the parents usually get these on their own.

 As a visitor to a babyshower party, you should give something that actually helps the parents. This includes items of clothing that will fit the toddler even after six months. 


Baby showers in other countries

 In many areas of Switzerland, affixing a party sign called this way has a long tradition. This takes place after the baby is born and includes a pleasant get-together with relatives and friends. This includes a drink that symbolically serves to ensure that the child can urinate without pain.

In the Arab world there is the tradition of aqīqa. On the seventh day after birth (or a number of days divisible by seven) the baby's hair is shaved and its weight is weighed with silver. The monetary value of the silver will then be donated to those in need. In addition, an animal is slaughtered - one sheep for a girl, two for a boy. The meat also goes to the needy. In Bangladesh, the baby shower takes place in the seventh month of pregnancy and marks the date on which the future mother will leave her home. Instead, she lives with her father until she is born.

Depending on the country, the baby shower takes place at a special time before or after the birth. In Bulgaria, for example, it is bad luck if the upcoming parents receive gifts before the baby is born. Therefore, family and friends often send extravagant models by post, which are then only unlocked after the birth.