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Magazine Annabelle

Magazine Annabelle

Say thank you on Mother's Day

Viollaz gift boxes are as unique as every mum herself!

The small Swiss boutique company Viollaz offers curated gift boxes that surprise and delight over the long term. From the elegant packaging to the product selection, everything is coordinated with great attention to detail.

The founder Valeria, herself the mother of a small daughter, supports small manufacturers around the world with her carefully curated selection of products. 

The boxes from Viollaz bring real joy and are the perfect gift for holidays like Mother's Day but also for business customers - because luxurious and unique gifts are always and everywhere well received. 

editorial staff OUï-E Communications      

Styling & Design Studio Solution
Photography Elizabeth Yurkova
Hair & make-up: Julia Dittrich
Flowers: Lilas et Rose



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