SFr. 12.00

Carrés Sauvages AMOUR - Chocolate

AMOUR, a fresh and powerful mixture with which this chocolate was created.

The AMOUR is the unique association of Carrés Sauvages and the Bitch Club, the composer of spicy words. This daring encounter revolving around emotions offers you a chocolate that is alive, powerful and sweet, just like love.

An 85% dark chocolate with 5 organic spices: clove, fennel, cassia cinnamon, Timur pepper and black pepper.

As refreshing as a punch line, the attack is alive. A citrus-like first approach offered by fennel and timur pepper then gives way to the lovely sweet notes of cassia, cinnamon and clove. The black pepper accentuates this chocolate and underlines its character.

It's a real energy bomb, rich in antioxidants.