Botanic Rose Deluxe


"Simplicity is the key to true elegance."
-Coco Chanel

The set consists of:

Face mask made from rose hip and clay Naturally detoxify and soothe with this gentle pink clay face mask. This mixture removes toxins without drying out the skin too much. Formula 55

Relax eye pillow organic lavender & flaxseed The aromatherapy eye pillow made of linen is perfect for moments of relaxation or the perfect oasis of calm and helps with migraines and puffy eyes. Hand-dyed linen, made in Spain.

Cashmere and plush socks from Care By Me SOFT FEET lives up to its name and is the most beautiful luxury sock made of cashmere and terrycloth.

These socks are as soft as butter and are perfect for lazy days when you want to be pampered and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Rose Sea Soak - Calming Bath Salts This luxurious bath salt is perfect for relaxing and calming down after a long day. Made from 6 types of salt and with the delicate scent of rose and ylang, it makes the skin supple, reduces muscle soreness and calms mind, body and soul.

Scented candles


Packed in a wonderful wooden Viollaz gift box. Reusable and perfect for keeping memories.