Bufanda Organic 100% Cachemir Premium


Bufanda Organic 100% Cachemir Premium

Truly pure, no cotton or synthetic blends, handcrafted and sustainably made.

Due to the geographical location and severe climatic conditions, Mongolian pure cashmere is known to be the finest, longest and softest compared to those from China, Nepal and other parts of the world. Far from the oceans, high up and cooled by the coldest Siberian winds blowing from the north, Mongolia is extremely dry and cold in winter. Due to these harsh conditions, the domestic cashmere goat develops the most resistant and warm cashmere ever.

The cashmere is combed by hand when spring arrives and does not harm the animal. While combing, the nomads sing songs and give the animal special respect and thanks for its heavenly wool.

Wool is sustainable. Mongolian Gobi goats develop special wool/cashmere to protect themselves from the harsh winter weather. Then when spring comes, the nomads take their cashmere and it helps the goats stay cool for the spring and summer heat.
The nomads and their animals depend on each other in every way.

Length: 188 centimeters 

Width: 40 centimeters