Love Ritual


"Simplicity is the key to true elegance." Coco Chanel

The set consists of:

Handmade ceramic mug - Talle Silvestre  Uniquely individual Elegant and modern, handmade. Made of material of exceptional strength and impeccable aesthetics. Each piece is something special, no two are alike in terms of shape, glaze or texture.

Delicious natural and raw chocolate from Carres Sauvages that cracks and melts on the tongue, with a grand cru base (75% dark) and inclusions of raisins, puffed rice and chopped Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Teak spoon The spoons are handcrafted by skilled artisans in the heart of the island of Java. By purchasing these items, you are supporting the fair exercise of Southeast Asian craftsmanship.
Teak is a tropical type of hardwood. This type of wood is highly valued in Asia for its outstanding properties such as hardness, water and pest resistance and durability. The tone of the wood is golden brown. This color is a sign of the core of a tree, the most durable and valuable part.
This product is 100% environmentally friendly. No chemicals were used in the production process and the wood for the spoons comes from a sustainable plantation.

Lignum vitae Our natural aroma set

A great gift to celebrate something or for a favor that is guaranteed to be well received.

Packed in a wonderful wooden Viollaz gift box. Reusable and perfect for keeping memories.