About Us

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We believe that gifts tell a story. We have seen how they connect people, create memories and change relationships. That is what drives us every day to create timeless gifts for modern gifts. Our passion for products of the highest quality, the love for fine details and an authentic approach have given us loyal customers and top-class followers. But really, we are very proud of the feeling you will have when someone receives their gift. Your real pleasure is the result of our conscious approach: to create exceptional gifts for you that are offered with simplicity and ease. In short, inspired gifts that are expertly presented.


About Valeria

Valeria started its eponymous brand after looking for a source of gifts of quality, craftsmanship, and emotional resonance. Growing up in a suburb of Buenos Aires, she attended art school there before moving to Ecuador and starting a career as a stylist for products. She quickly realized that there was no unique destination for the gifts that she and her customers always needed: unobtrusive and luxurious, finely crafted offers with a personal touch. With her passion for product discovery, thoughtful details and a desire to ease the gifting challenge, Valeria continues to expand her corporate vision to embody the spirit of modern gifting with ease. She lives in the small canton of Lucerne with her daughter and husband.