We believe that gifts tell stories. Stories of dreams come alive, memories of special times, special days, of little luck and the great magic of the beginning. In our work we experience the magic of the soulful connection that is created between people who give each other every day. 

Viollaz is a service that offers timeless gifts for modern giving. Our gift boxes can be designed individually, according to our suggestions and with consideration for our planet - you order, we take care of the rest.

We firmly believe that in 2021, with all its challenges, even more should be given - from the bottom of our hearts.
Our carefully curated range supports small labels - we look for and find our gift ideas all over the world.
Our passion are products from highest quality, both the composition and the packaging underline our attention to detail. We are known for an authentic, professional approach - regardless of whether you want to send a birth present to your best friend or your twenty best business customers.
Our boxes bring real joy into life - luxurious, discreet and full of love.      



Valeria launched her eponymous brand after searching for a source for gifts of quality, craftsmanship and emotional response. Growing up in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, she attended art school there before moving to Ecuador and starting a career as a stylist for products. She quickly realized that there was no one-of-a-kind destination for the gifts she and her customers needed all the time: unobtrusive and luxurious, finely crafted offers with a personal touch. With her passion for discovering products, thoughtful details and a desire to ease the challenge of gift giving, Valeria continues to expand her corporate vision to embody the spirit of modern gift giving with ease. She lives in the small canton of Lucerne with her daughter and her husband.