Gin Botanicals / Spices

SFr. 4,200.00

Set of 6 Gin Condiments by Pepper Sack & Sons

With these noble spices, which are also used in many gin recipes, you can expand the taste palette of your long drinks, cocktails or even pure spirits, steer them in a completely new direction or intensify the confused aromas of the gin with great sensitivity.

Bittersweet and slightly sweet with a refreshing ethereal freshness, camphor, bergamot, lemon, fennel, rosemary, cinnamon. (10g)

Coriander seeds:
Slightly spicy with fruity sweetness. Orange peel, hops, muscatel, geranium, basil, unroasted hazelnuts. (10g)

Rosa Beere:
Superficially sweet with warm, resinous and spicy components. Green Fennel, Dill Seed, Savory, Pistachio Mastic, Pine Needle. (8g)

juniper berry:
Intensely resinous with bitter notes, subtle sweetness and some fruit. Spruce needle, myrtle, rosemary, liquorice, carnation, plum. (8g)

Woody-spicy, bitter-sour and intensely ethereal on the finish. Eucalyptus, lime, bay leaf, black pepper, juniper wood, marjoram, cocoa shells. (10g)