Harvest love

SFr. 130.00

The set consists of:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - ILA, In a 100-year-old mill in the middle of the old olive groves of Andalusia, the olives are picked by hand and pressed on the same day to ensure the highest degree of taste and freshness. The cold, bright winters and hot, dry summers of the southern Spanish region of Córdoba create the best conditions for the production of olives of exceptional quality and a richer, smoother olive oil with a more golden hue than its Italian counterpart. 450 ml

Guérande salt - ILA This fleur de sel owes its name to the scent of violets that wafts faintly from the drying mounds of white crystals. Due to its delicate composition, its careful harvest has always been entrusted only to women. And so it is often referred to as the best salt in the world.

Lignum vitae Holy wood for the finest and most intense smoking.

Dried boletus mushrooms The king of wild mushrooms from French forests
Picked in autumn in the undergrowth, which was naturally dried by the wind and sun.
Cut into thin slices by hand to pamper you in our house with a gourmet dish straight from nature. This artisanal drying and cutting process preserves the natural aromas of this French wild mushroom.

Italian pasta selection Finest selected pasta 500g


A great gift to celebrate something or for a favor for a loved one that is guaranteed to be well received.

Packed in a wonderful wooden Viollaz gift box. Reusable and perfect for keeping memories.