Wild Flowers and & Plantes

SFr. 125.00

Giving pleasure is something very beautiful - the eyes of the recipient light up when the lid of the Viollaz Gift box opens

Tea set from Chic des Plantes 20 herbal tea bags from organic cultivation and without any added flavoring (10 herbal teas x 2 bags) in a reusable cotton bag with a small wooden spoon 

Christmas pastries Delicious food from Beate Widmer

Napkin set This set of two linen towels in a Scandinavian look is carefully manufactured in the Goscandi workshop, beautifully packaged and presented in a minimalist gift box made from at least 40% recycled materials.

Wildflower honey Cold processed raw honey is made in the Finger Lakes area of New York. Harvested from wildflower fields, its flavor profile is as robust as the variety of wild plants that were pollinated when it was created: locust trees, wild raspberries, wild roses, linden, sumac, weeds, ragwort, bamboo, clematis, goldenrod and purple aster. The combined nectars result in a dark honey with a unique floral taste that is enriched with more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than the lighter varieties.

Lignum vitae Our natural aroma set for smoking.

Packed in a beautiful wooden Viollaz gift box. Can be used over and over and is perfect for skin regeneration.