Christmas gifts for babies

Christmas gifts for babies

Christmas with a new baby is such a magical time. Creating new family traditions really brings the season to life and gives it a new meaning. So what are our top tips for a magical first Christmas with a new baby?

Top tips for a magical first Christmas with a new baby:

First, don't expect too much from the baby! When they're tiny, they'll (hopefully) overslept part of the day to give you some well-deserved rest. You will probably enjoy looking at the lights of the Christmas tree and maybe playing with wrapping paper, but you will not get that excited about the idea of Christmas just yet. But that doesn't mean you can't have a lot of fun planning new family traditions. 

First stop is a Christmas stocking. Nothing is more exciting than hanging up a stocking for Santa Claus visit on Christmas Eve, and at viollaz we have some personalized luxury velvet stockings that will look fabulous year after year. Of course, Santa works hard to bring gifts to all the children in the world, and he deserves a small reward for visiting your house. Our personalized Christmas Eve plate even offers space for a carrot for the reindeer and is sure to become a special part of Christmas Eve. A personalized Christmas Eve box is a lovely way to start the magic of Christmas Eve, and a personalized Christmas Eve story is a lovely way to end the Christmas Eve night.

So when you've sorted Christmas Eve, you can start thinking about the tree. It is such a nice idea to hang a bauble with the title "Baby's First Christmas" on the tree, and viollaz has some beautifully illustrated, personalized baubles that will be treasured keepsakes for years to come. Baby will also need an outfit for Christmas Day and we have some cute Christmas bibs and t-shirt combinations that can also be personalized.

After all, Christmas can be a good time to stock up on essentials. A new baby won't mind what you buy them, so why not take the opportunity to stock up on essentials? A super soft blanket or a cozy bathrobe and towel with a hood are used all year round and are a practical and thoughtful gift for baby's first Christmas.

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