Art in the Gift Box

Art in the Gift Box

One of the Arts is to create gifts making the most of the budget that clients give us at the time to work and spend it in a sustainable and balanced way so that the design of the gift looks impeccable, unique and differentiating, That is the challenge of the designer Valeria Viollaz . "Strike the perfect balance"



This was an inexpensive blank packaging proposal, but accompanied by a great work of art from the artist's Nude collection. Gabriela acevedo for signature Hearing Communications a large communication company based in Zurich, where we pragmatize the brand as a Christmas stamp for refined clients.


As you can appreciate the perception of a "cheap box", it became an elegant gift box proposal, being able to reserve the rest of the expense for quality content, this is the magic that happens in our studio at Christmas time.

How will you appreciate the gifts of well-selected corporate events accompanied by great brands that will still attract attention even without the largest budget? Yes, it is possible! hand in hand with the designer Valeria viollaz 

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