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Choosing the baby gift for the birth

Choosing the baby gift for the birth

The birth of a newborn is a very special occasion and we know that you want to send your love asap. Here at viollaz we have lots of gift ideas for newborns and we can help you ship your love until the next day delivery!

When you get your new Baby gift cannot deliver personally, we have the next best present for you. We have a great selection of newborn gifts, all carefully chosen to be both beautiful and practical for a new mom and her baby. If you're looking for a little something for your baby or a luxury basket to really impress, we have a gift solution for every budget.

So once you've chosen your gift, we'll add some magic to it for you. Since you cannot be there to give the gift yourself, we will make sure that your gift looks absolutely stunning. Our exclusive gift boxes really have a wow factor and are guaranteed to give a new mom a very special feeling. You can send a personal message with our illustrated gift card.

If you're looking forward to the birth of a baby but can't accept a gift in person, we can offer you the next best thing. Send a viollaz gift the next day and be the first to send love to a new mom and baby.

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