Baby gift for birth

Baby gift for birth

Baby gifts - personal and unique gifts for birth and baptism such as diaper cakes, birth certificates, baby toys, pacifier chains, cuddly toys, towels and body sets. Many of our gift ideas can be personalized with a congratulation card.

The birth of a new citizen is something very special; that's why you want to give away something very special - there you are with us precisely.

We have put together a selection of baby gifts for you with a lot of love. Since we are parents ourselves and because we have already given away a lot to our friends and relatives, we know what beautiful things can be used for the birth and what goes down well with the young parents. The gift boxes made of wood, which hold a lasting memory, are particularly popular.

In addition to unusual, unique gift ideas, you will also find normal, popular baby toys, cuddly toys and first-time equipment here.

What can you find in our shop?

We have a selection Created for you where you can get an overview of our diverse range, baby toys and customizable items such as hooded towels, body sets, pacifier chains, shoes.

With us you will find everything your heart desires and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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