Exclusive and elegant gifts for this Christmas from Viollaz

Exclusive and elegant gifts for this Christmas from Viollaz

If you like the wonderful world of VIOLLAZ GIFT BOX don't know yet, allow me to do you the honor.

As the most trusted source for special gifts in Switzerland, Valeria selects beautiful gifts and then magically wraps them in the most sophisticated and breathtaking gift boxes.

Now that the holiday season is officially around the corner, we would like to give you a little taste of the new collection of gift boxes in Nordic tones for the holiday season. They are ideal for a warm, refined and classic home where the design has endured over time, hand in hand with the exceptional quality of each of the brands selected.


For customers looking to add a more personal touch to business gifts, company dinners and events this Christmas, we have a range of Personalization details that are tailored to your budget and that you can customize for wholesale orders.

Contact us today to find out what options you have for personalized gift boxes, packaging and details to make this Christmas stand out in the history of your loved ones!

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